Adopt-a-SchoolThe Adopt-A-School program provides Escondido's schoolchildren with a safer classroom environment, fire and life safety information, and more.

While it was originally intended as an opportunity to assign personnel to provide fire safety education and fire safety inspections at all Escondido schools, it quickly became apparent that the Escondido Fire Department Adopt-A-School concept was capable of providing even greater benefits to the community at large.

The Adopt-A-School program goes farther by not only providing schoolchildren with the education needed to prevent fire in their home, but by providing opportunities for firefighters to serve as positive role models, as well. In this way, the firefighters are able to educate and influence the students in order to divert them away from gangs and alcohol and drug abuse, as well as other poor choices our youth are facing.

In other words, adopting a school means that firefighters are taking on a more proactive role, aimed at reducing the chances that they will be meeting these children as the result of a serious medical or other type of emergency in the future.

Fire safety talks, career fairs, and driving safety demonstrations are just a few of the events in which Escondido Firefighters have been participating. They have also joined students for lunch and reading times. Firefighter/Paramedics have combined career presentations with vivid accounts of providing emergency medical treatment in drug overdose cases. Responding to one of these programs in a thank you note, a student wrote, "I think every time cops, firemen, doctors, and other people come and talk to us about the danger of drugs and what they do to people, it helps reduce the risk of a kid taking drugs."

As drugs and gang violence continue to take their toll on local communities, Escondido Fire Department personnel assume their responsibility to join law enforcement, schools, businesses, and parents to make Escondido an even better place to live, work, and play.

For more information, call 760-839-5420 or send an e-mail.