Fire Engines

Brush Engines


An ambulance is a medically equipped vehicle which transports patients for necessary medical treatment at a hospital. Escondido Fire staffs five ambulances 24/7 with two personnel. Four Rescue Ambulances are staffed with a Firefighter Paramedic and either a Paramedic or an EMT. One Medic Ambulance is staffed with two Paramedics. In addition to our five front line ambulances, we also have four reserve ambulances that can be used when ambulances are out or service for maintenance or repair. This fleet of ambulances ensures that we are always able to respond to medical emergencies whenever you need us!

Escondido is fortunate to have excellent ambulances. In September 2019 the city council approved the purchase two new Medix Ambulances to replace two 7-year old ambulances with high mileage and engine hours. The new ambulances were placed in service on April 28, 2020 at  Fire Stations 2 and 7. These ambulances are nearly identical to the two that were purchased in 2018 which are currently at Fire Stations 3 and 5. The Medix ambulances have proven to be very reliable and they provide a great environment for care providers and patients. Click here to see a video tour of an Escondido Fire Department Ambulance!



Ladder Truck

A Ladder Truck is an aerial apparatus that has a 100' ladder in addition to a large cache or rescue, ventilation, salvage and overhaul equipment. Our truck company is staffed with four highly trained Firefighters including a Captain, and Engineer and two Firefighter Paramedics. 

Escondido Fire Department has one front line Ladder Truck and one reserve Ladder Truck, both housed at Station #1 (Quince) . Truck 131 was built in 2015


Truck 131R (reserve) was refurbished built in 1997 and completely refurbished in 2020

Battalion Chief Command Vehicle