The photo above links to a short YouTube video tour of the new ambulance. Below is a link to the full version of the video.


In September 2019 the council approved Fleet Services to purchase two new Medix Ambulances to replace two 7-year old ambulances with high mileage and engine hours. The new ambulances arrived in April and after some outfitting work (moving radios, mobile data computers, gurneys, etc.) they were placed in service on April 28, 2020 at  Fire Stations 2 and 7. These ambulances are nearly identical to the two that were purchased in FY 2017-18 which are currently at Fire Stations 3 and 5. Based on our experience with the two Medix ambulances we have had for nearly two years, which have proven to be very reliable and a great environment for care providers and patients, we expect the two new ambulances to perform extremely well! 


Click here for the full video tour.