2011 Consolidated Fire Code                  


Ordinance 10172 (N.S.) Adopted September 28, 2011 (Code applies to Local Responsibility Area)

This Consolidated Fire Code includes the San Diego County amendments to the 2010 California Fire Code and the ordinances of the sixteen (16) unincorporated San Diego County Fire Protection Districts.

The sixteen fire districts within the County of San Diego are required to transmit their adopted ordinances to the County of San Diego Board of Supervisors where the ordinance applies.  This will allow the legislative body of a County to ratify modifications or deny an adopted Fire Protection District Ordinance.  The fire protection districts within the boundaries of San Diego County have collaborated to adopt, by an ordinance for each district, the 2010 California Fire Code.  The 2011 Consolidated Fire Code is based upon the County's 2011 Fire Code as currently amended and adopted in Title 9, Division 6, Chapter 1 of the County Code.  This is subject to the modifications of each fire protection district of the Building Standards Code based upon their respective determinations as to what modifications are reasonable necessary because of local climatic, geological, and topographical conditions within the district.

Sixteen Fire Districts:



Borrego Springs

Deer Springs



North County

Pine Valley


Rancho Santa Fe

Rincon del Diablo

San Diego Rural

San Marcos

San Miguel

Valley Center