Firework Permits

Out of concern for the safety of residents, homes, and our wildland areas, all fireworks are illegal anywhere in Escondido. That means that, other than at professional shows put on by licensed pyrotechnicians, no fireworks can be possessed, stored or discharged in the city of Escondido at any time during the year. Prohibited fireworks include sparklers, poppers, snappers, fountains, bottle rockets, and any other explosive devices.

If you live in Escondido, have fireworks in your possession, and wish to dispose of them, contact the Escondido Fire Department at 760-839-5400 to make arrangements.

If you are aware of anyone selling, providing, or discharging any of the above devices, please contact the Escondido Fire Department immediately at 760-839-5400.

The following ordinances are part of the Escondido Municipal Code, Chapter 17 OFFENSES--MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS, ARTICLE 4. WEAPONS AND EXPLOSIVES.

  • Professionals who will put on a Fireworks show are required to complete an Application for Permit.  Please see the Current Fee Schedule.
  • Sec. 17-69. Exchanging, selling, etc., firearms, explosives at swap meets. No person shall exchange, barter, trade or sell firearms or explosives at a swap meet. (Code 1957, § 2365)
  • Sec. 17-75. Storage or sale at wholesale. The storage or sale of fireworks at wholesale is hereby prohibited, unless authorized by a permit from the council. Such permit shall be issued for a period of not exceeding one year. (Code 1957, § 4236)
  • Sec. 17-76. Retail exchange, possession, exhibition prohibited. The sale at retail, exchange, barter, trade, possession or exhibition of fireworks within this city, except to the persons authorized in section 17-77 and having the permit therein specified, is hereby prohibited. (Code 1957, § 4234)
  • Sec. 17-77. Use prohibited; exception. The discharge, firing or use of all firecrackers, bombs, rockets, torpedoes, Roman candles or other fireworks or substances designed and intended for pyrotechnic display, and of all pistols, canes, cannons, or other appliances using blank cartridges or caps containing chlorate of potash mixture within this City, is hereby prohibited; provided that the council may permit the public display of fireworks by properly qualified individuals or organized bodies under the direct supervision of experts in the handling of fireworks. (Code 1957, §§ 4231, 4232; Ord. No. 87-42, § 1,8-26-87)
  • Sec. 17-80. Violation of ordinance an infraction; penalty.

    Except as otherwise provided in any specific section of this chapter, violation of any provision of this chapter is an infraction punishable by:
    (1) A fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100.00) for a first violation;
    (2) A fine not exceeding two hundred dollars ($200.00) for a second violation of the same section within one year;
    (3) A fine not exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each additional violation of the same section within one year. (Ord. No. 75-4, § 17, 2-13-75; Ord. No. 86-18, § 4, 2-19-86)