Plan Review/Checking

The Escondido Fire Department and the Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District procedures for plan review. 

The Escondido Fire Prevention Division performs plan review and checking for projects located in Escondido and the Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District.  Three (3) sets of plans are required at time of submittal.  The plans that are checked and reviewed are as noted below.

  • Commercial & industrial buildings; new construction, additions, and remodels.
  • Fire Alarm Plan reviews; new, additions, and remodels.
  • Fire Protection Plans when required by the Fire Department.
  • Fire Sprinkler Plans checks; new, additions, and remodels.
  • LPG Tank installations; new, additions, and relocations.
  • Hood and duct systems; new, additional tank(s), and relocations.
  • Single family dwelling(s), duplexes or subdivisions; new additions, and remodels.
  • Spray booths; new, additions, and remodels.
  • Technical Reports when required by the Fire Department.

Project Submittal Form is filled out when all plans are received at Escondido Fire Headquarters.  The following are Plan Check Forms used in a plan review or plan check.

  • SFD - Duplexes Plan Form/Corrections
  • Commercial/Industrial Plan Check Form/Corrections
  • Rincon del Diablo Fire District requires the following different plan submittal:
  • Delivered by applicant - Three (3) sets of plans that have been stamped by the County Building Department.
  • County Mitigation Form.
  • Once approved by the Escondido Fire Department, the applicant must submit the approved plans and the signed mitigation form to the County Building Department.
  • The mitigation fee will be paid at the County by the applicant once the plans are approved by the County Building Department.
  • The current mitigation fee is set by the County of San Diego and is currently set to $.58 per square foot of new construction square footage.  (Adopted July 1, 2018).

Third party review for initial plan checking:

The Escondido Fire Department along with Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District require the following fire protection system and designs be submitted for third party review for initial plan checking.  The Fire Protection System types are as follows:

Fire Protection Systems - Approved devices, equipment, and systems or combination of systems used to detect a fire, activate an alarm, extinguish or control a fire or any combination thereof, i.e.

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems - All NFPA 13, 13D 13R
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Commercial Kitchen Cooking Systems, Standpipe Systems
  • FM200 Systems - Refer to Moffat Group only.

Technical Report Consultants - relating to or specializing in industrial techniques or subjects or applied science.

Fire Protection Plans - A document prepared for a specific project or development proposed for a wildland-urban interface fire area.  It describes ways to minimize and mitigate potential for loss from wildfire.

Department consultants list for third party review.

Fire Protection Plan Report  - The purpose of this document is to describe the format and content of a Fire Protection Plan.  These guidelines apply to maps, spreadsheets, and reports completed for all privately initiated discretionary projects reviewed by the City of Escondido, Escondido Fire Department and the Department of Planning and Land Use.

After your plans have been checked by an outside consultant, you will need to submit the plans, along with a letter or stamp recommending the approval, to the Escondido Fire Department for final review.  This review will consider the outside agency's comments as well as fire access and water supply requirements.

The Outside agency fee for the initial plan check review will be set by each individual outside agency.  The Escondido Fire Department will charge an "Outsource Plan Check Fee".

For more information, see current fee schedule or contact the Escondido Fire Department at 760-839-5400.

Plans are checked as quickly as possible but may require a minimum of 30 days. Notification will be made by email as soon as the plans are ready to be picked up.

Fire Department Fees effective July 1, 2020 - All fees are paid to the Escondido Fire Department except where otherwise noted.

City of Escondido Business License - A Business License is required for all third party reviewers and contractors conducting business within the City of Escondido.  All businesses operating in the City of Escondido are required to have a Business License, including businesses that operate form home.

Useful Fire Prevention Guidelines: