All public record requests are managed via the Next Request Portal. The portal, managed via the City Clerk’s office, allows the City to accept, coordinate, and fulfill record requests all in one place. Our public records software works cross-departmentally to streamline requests so that no request goes unanswered. Do not hesitate to contact the City Clerk's office (760-839-4617) should you have any questions or concerns while filing your request.


Emergency Medical Service records are protected under HIPAA and may be released only to a patient or to a party designated by the patient, with patient consent.


For law firms, insurance companies, and record retrieval companies, the Escondido Fire Department utilizes the services of ChartSwap, an on-line records exchange service. Please request the records electronically at


Patients, please contact Wittman Enterprises, our ambulance billing company, directly at (800) 906-6552.


Fire incident (vehicle fires, house fires, etc.) reports can be requested directly from the Fire Department. Photo ID and a fee is required at the time of request. See current fee schedule.