Rural Emergency Preparation

Emergency PreparationMaintain an emergency water supply of at least 2500 gallons, such as a community water or hydrant system or a cooperative emergency storage place, water tank, swimming pool, or reservoir. Clearly mark all emergency water sources and maintain easy fire department access to them. Any water supply should be located within 100 feet of your house.

Provide adequate access to your home for emergency vehicles. Any road leading to your home should allow two-way traffic and should not be too steep or sharply curved for fire engines. Branches overhanging the road should be trimmed to allow a 14-foot vertical clearance. There should be at least two routes out of your area in case one becomes blocked, preventing evacuation.

Your address and street name should be printed in numbers and letters that are at least four inches tall on a contrasting background. They should be visible from all directions of travel for at least 150 feet. If your home is set back from the road, post your address at the driveway entrance.

Post the emergency number "9-1-1" at each phone and make sure everyone knows how and why to use it. Know your nearest cross street and landmarks that could help guide someone to your location. Plan escape routes from your home and neighborhood.

Designate an emergency meeting place for the reunion of family members evacuating in separate vehicles.

Make sure everyone in your family knows to stop, drop to the ground, and roll if clothing catches on fire.

Store a supply of three days' worth of drinking water and food requiring neither refrigeration nor cooking. Store first aid supplies, portable radio, flashlight, batteries, and emergency cooking equipment.

Prepare a list of valuables, your homeowner's insurance policy, and other vital documents to be taken with you in the event that you must evacuate. Storing valuables together may mean that they can be gathered quickly if you have time while evacuating.

The Escondido Fire Department appreciates your cooperation in their efforts to reduce the threat of fire near your home. Fire safety requires a team effort, and that includes you and your family!