Rural Home Fire Safety

Rural Home Fire SafetyWildland fires plague California, home to one of the most severe wildlife conditions in the world, every year.

The result may be that the peaceful rural location you have chosen for your home, surrounded by grass, brush, or trees, could quickly turn into a blazing nightmare.

Urban/Wildland Fire Safety Checklist

  • Remove flammable vegetation near structures.
  • Prune lower branches from tall trees. 
  • No branches should be within 10 feet of a chimney. 
  • Maintain roof and gutters free of debris.
  • Keep areas under balconies and decks clear.
  • Maintain a vertical clearance of 14 feet for all roads and driveways.
  • Chose fire resistive plants for landscaping.
  • Cover chimney with a ½-inch mesh screen.
  • Keep LPG tanks away from your house or any combustibles.
  • A water supply should be within 1000 feet of your house.
  • Emergency water supplies should be marked and accessible.
  • Identify two emergency exit routes from your house.
  • Make your address easily visible from the street.
  • Keep "9-1-1" posted at each phone. 
  • Keep a storage of emergency supplies.