Sprinkler Facts

Sprinkler FactsSprinklers save lives.

Sprinklers are the most effective fire safety device ever invented. Look at this comparison with smoke alarms and with no fire protection at all. The National Fire Protection Association reports that people with smoke alarms in their home have a 50 percent better chance of surviving a fire. Adding sprinklers and smoke alarms increases your chances of surviving a fire by over 97 percent.

Sprinklers save property.

Residential fire sprinklers are designed to save lives, but because they control fires so quickly, they also reduce property damage. Fire reports show that property damage is nine times lower in sprinklered homes.

Sprinklers are affordable.

Fire sprinklers add about one percent or less to the cost of a new home. This is about the same cost as upgrading carpeting. But carpets need to be replaced every ten years, while fire sprinklers last for the life of the home. Compared with the cost of carpeting, fire sprinklers give you peace of mind for a bargain price. Multipurpose systems that serve the sprinklers and plumbing with the same pipe may lower the cost even more.

Lifetime safety is lifetime quality.

The features of your home reflect your values and priorities. You select high-quality items for things that you want to last. Fire safety is a quality issue, too. Fire sprinklers will protect your family for the life of the home. You can ignore the issue and accept the minimum level of safety for your family and possessions, or you can build in quality fire protection for them.