Traffic Accident with Horse Trailer

May 1, 2021


Contact Battalion Chief Britt Matthews (760) 560-7432


At approximately 8:08 pm, the Escondido Police and Fire Communication Center received a report of a serious injury accident on  E. Lincoln Avenue near N. Fig Street. Escondido Police Officers, a Fire Engine and Paramedic ambulance were dispatched to the scene. The first arriving Engine Company found a horse trailer that disconnected from the towing vehicle and rolled on it's side after striking a curb. The occupants of the vehicle were not injured. The trailer contained two horses. Both horses were lying on there side, one on top of the other, trapped in the small trailer.

 The Engine Company Captain immediately requested a Truck Company, Battalion Chief, and Animal Services for assistance. After consultation with Animal Services, a Large Animal Rescue team and Veterinarian were also requested. Firefighters began to cut away pieces of the trailer in an attempt to free the horses. Extrication attempts agitated the horses causing concern the rescue efforts might further injure the horses. The decision was made to await the arrival of the Veterinarian and Large Animal Rescue team before proceeding. 

 The horses were extracted from the trailer by members of the Large Animal Rescue team with assistance from Fire Department personnel. One horse required sedation prior to extrication. Both horses were evaluated on scene by a Veterinarian and appeared to have relatively minor injuries. Animal Services officers assisted the owner with transportation of the horses from the scene.