Weed/Vegetation Management


To report overgrown weeds, dead vegetation, trash or debris conditions within Escondido City and the Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District, please download and use the Report It! smart phone app. (The Report It! smartphone application is available for both Apple and Android devices) If you use Report It!, the appropriate City staff is immediately notified with the exact location and photographs you submit. 

No smart phone or prefer not to download the app?  Click on the Report It! icon below to access the application through the City's website:

Report It


For properties within Escondido City and the Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District, you may also complete our Vegetation Abatement Complaint Form online.


For your convenience, the Escondido Fire Department maintains a list of Weed/Vegetation Abatement Contractors.  This is a list of vendors who work in the area and have requested to be included as a potential contractors. This list is not an endorsement of the contractors.


Vegetation Management Information

Are you  ready?

The Escondido Fire Department's goal is to educate property owners in the City of Escondido and the Rincon Del Diablo Fire Protection District about the importance of vegetation management, vegetation hazard abatement and defensible space. It is important that all property owners understand the need to develop and maintain defensible space. If you have questions about abating weeds or maintaining defensible space on your own property, call the Escondido Fire Department at 760 839-6230.


To learn more about how you can safeguard your property, please review the Vegetation Management Information document below.

Property Review Checklist


Need Assistance?

If you need assistance clearing vegetation from your property, there may be help available from the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County's Defensible Space Assistance Program (DSAP).

The Defensible Space Assistance Program (DSAP) is designed to assist homeowners that need to create defensible space, and are not able to do so because of physical, economic or other barriers. The population targeted for the DSAP program is those who are not able to do this work for themselves because of physical, economic, or other barriers. For example, low-income homeowners and physically disabled or elderly individuals who are unable to pay a contractor. The property owner must be the individual to apply for the DSAP Program. Click here to learn more.

If you have already done the hard work of vegetation clearance, the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County also offers a no cost chipping program. Click here to learn more.