Rural Building Requirements

Building RequirementsWhen building or remodeling, keep fire protection in mind.

Because a wind-blown fire most often spreads to roofs first, choose fire-resistive roofing. Exterior materials like brick or stucco should be chosen whenever possible.

Limit the size and number of windows facing large areas of vegetation. Even from a distance of 30 feet, the heat from a typical wildfire can ignite the furnishings inside your home through the windows. Installing double- or triple-paned glass can reduce the potential for breakage or heat radiation.

A chimney or stovepipe opening must be covered with a nonflammable screen with half-inch or smaller mesh. Enclose the undersides of balconies and aboveground decks with fire-resistant materials. Locate LPG tanks (butane and propane) at least 30 feet from any structure.