Weed AbatementTo report hazardous weed conditions within the City of Escondido or the Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District, call the Escondido Fire Department Vegetation Abatement Officer at 760-839-6230 or complete our Vegetation Abatement Complaint Form.

To report trash or debris conditions within the inner City limits, please contact City Code Enforcement.

Based on the location of the hazardous weed property, please refer to either the City of Escondido or the Rincon del Diablo Fire Protection District Standards:

For your convenience, the Escondido Fire Department offers a list of Weed/Vegetation Abatement Contractors.  This list of contractors are compiled from contractors who have worked within the district and have requested to be included as a potential contractors.

If you have questions about your abating weeds on your own property, call the Escondido Fire Department Weed Abatement Officer at 760-839-6230 or complete our  Vegetation Abatement Complaint Form.


As we approach the fire season, the Escondido Fire Department wanted to reach out and educate property owners whose property resides in a dangerous high fire zone area.  The intent with the letter is to remind and educate property owners of the local vegetation hazard abatement requirements.  While these requirements are essential for properties in fire hazard areas, it’s still a good reminder for all property owners about the need to develop and maintain defensible space.

To learn more about how you can safeguard your property, please click on the attached informational letter from the Escondido Fire Chief, Rick Vogt.